About Tabari


A fan of stand-up comedy dating back to when he would laugh at Laffy Taffy wrappers, Tabari’s sense of humor reflects a wide assortment of influences, speaking on everything from every day annoyances to pop culture, sports and his own personal experiences. Tabari's conversational, every man style has led him to open for a wide range of today's stars, including but not limited to Mike Birbiglia, Tom Segura, Tony Rock, Charlie Murphy, Fortune Feimster, Ryan Stout and Tommy Johnagin among others. 

Tabari has also been honored to perform at several prestigious events, such as the illustrious San Francisco Sketch Fest, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival/ and the inaugural Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN. In addition to being featured on Rooftop Comedy’s Road Trip on the MavTV Network and Hulu.com, Tabari also starred alongside his mom in an episode of HGTV’s popular series Property Virgins buying his first home … Hence the reason he would really appreciate you supporting his career. 

A talented writer, Tabari's journalistic work has appeared in several major publications/Web sites, including but not limited to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ebony.com and Xavier Nation, the official publication of the Xavier University Athletic Dept. (Not bad for a guy who graduated from the rival University of Cincinnati, huh?)

With his debut album Laughing with a Panther (Rooftop Media) and his national TV debut on Laughs under his belt, Tabari is now looking forward to releasing his second album, Remarkable (set for a summer 2018 release). 

His future on stage is looking bigger and brighter ... At least that's what he keeps telling himself and the financial institutions to whom he owes money.

But no matter what he says, he does it with one simple goal in mind: Making people laugh – and hoping he doesn’t anger his family or God in the process.

Tabari McCoy Performs at Wiley's Comedy Club Jan. 2020

Tabari McCoy headlines Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, OH on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020.

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Tabari McCoy at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington, KY

Comedian Tabari McCoy performs at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018

Comedy Juice Presents Tabari McCoy

Comedy Juice presents comedian Tabari McCoy in this clip from the Cincinnati, OH-based stand-up.

Tabari McCoy Performs on Laughs on FOX

Tabari McCoy on Laughs, airing now on Fox stations. Subscribe to the Laughs YouTube channel for more great stuff like this.